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The Book of Promises by Tammy Bird

Flashpoint Publishing
$17.95, paperback / $7.50, e-book
ISBN: 978-1-949096255
May, 2020
Fiction: YA / Psychological Suspense
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The Book of Promises (YA) is about learning the difference between a caring friendship and manipulation, between a loving partnership and a toxic relationship, and more importantly, about learning to embrace one's self worth above the world's noise.

In third grade, Spencer and Molly promised to love each other forever. Now high school seniors, they are about to find out how dangerous that promise can be.

Spencer Price is living her best life in Denver, Colorado.

But when Jordan Rohan kisses her, and her best friend writes it in their shared book of promises, she suddenly finds herself in a struggle between duty and independence, allegiance and betrayal.

Soon, two things become clear: there is far more to the kiss than Spencer first believed, and the person to whom she is most connected is hiding secrets far deeper and more dangerous than Spencer ever suspected. To uncover the secrets, Spencer must question the promises of the past. But doing so could bring death, not only to herself but to those who are her future.

Some people buy a fancy sports car or fly to far away lands when they hit middle age. Tammy started writing fiction. A literature professor by trade, she deemed it fitting to write about the kaleidoscopic prisms of human nature in her thriller/suspense stories and novels.

Be warned, her work is psychologically hard and gritty and real. The Book of Promises is her second novel.

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