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Poems for Men - Who Don't Like Poetry by Richard Morgan

Independently Published
$12.00, paperback
ISBN: 9781653684809
February, 2020
Poetry: Illustrated
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In Poems for Men - Who Don’t Like Poetry, Richard Morgan’s poetry tells stories and describes feelings men can relate to, if they will only give the poems a chance. This is his eighth book of poetry with his wife, Pat Morgan’s, illustrations.

Richard’s poetry presentations include his poems, the stories behind the poems, and Pat’s illustrating watercolors. He seeks the audience’s partnership with his reading. They are encouraged to react, comment, and ask questions without hesitation. Richard may have left the classroom, but the classroom never left him.

Poems for Men is dedicated to the men who’d rather sit in a dentist’s chair (no insult to dentists intended) than sit down and read a poem. Richard's theory is that by the time these men graduated high school, with its required study of masterpiece poetry, their thinking was molded by their experience, and they made up their minds to never spend time with a poem again. Richard's goal is to invite these men to read or hear poems they will enjoy and find meaningful. Some may even give them a good laugh.

Richard Morgan lives with his wife, artist Pat Morgan, in the mountains of western North Carolina. They have published eight books of his words and Pat’s watercolors.

As a teacher for over forty years, Richard encourages his readers and listeners to enjoy poetry (especially when they think they won’t) and urges them to express their feelings in their own poetic words.

Previously, while living on the Jersey shore, he founded The Poets Studio for local poets. They shared their works and received constructive feedback, so essential for improvement. The group continues to meet beyond Richard's tenure in NJ.

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