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A Tomorrow Worth Living For by Todd McGee

Kindle Direct Publishing
$9.99, paperback / $3.99, e-book
ISBN: 979-8621908355
April, 2020
Fiction: Historical
Available from

Days after the Nazis enter Paris, a garrison of soldiers appears in the small French village of Chivegny. The village’s mayor, Claude Le Meir, urges neighbors and friends to cooperate and works to maintain an uneasy peace, but the former soldier cannot quell his desire to fight. Facing relentless German demands, he makes a drastic decision, which leads to his arrest and execution.

After his father is gunned down, Raoud Le Meir loses his voice, and his life becomes a series of empty squares on a calendar—until he finds a drunk Nazi passed out in the family barn. Seeing the soldier sprawled on the dusty floor awakens a rage he did not know existed. He steals the man’s rifle, in spite of—or perhaps because of—the consequences. In Occupied France, children fall asleep hungry, courage is as rare as laughter, and a boy with a pilfered German rifle tucked away in his barn prays for the chance to use it.

Todd McGee has been writing professionally for more than thirty years. A recovering sportswriter, he lives in Cary with his wife and four children and a pet hamster named Maisy. He works in Hillsborough, the cradle of authors. You can follow him at or on Twitter (@toddamcgee) for his musings on World War II, the Carolina Hurricanes, and whatever else strikes his fancy.

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