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Nick Bones Underground by Phil M. Cohen

Koehler Books
$19.99, paperback / $27.95, hardcover / $6.95, e-book
ISBN: 978-1-63393-920-2
March, 2019
Fiction: Sci-Fi / Mystery
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"Follow Nick Bones through a mysterious tunnel of a world, where things looks somewhat like the world you know, though so much darker and more dangerous. Author Phil M. Cohen does a brilliant job of hiding philosophic concepts in irresistible puzzles that you can’t help but explore, and even in Sancho Panza-like pronouncements disguised as wisecracks by his AI. In this posmtmodern existence where everyone’s truth is as good as any other, you can’t help but accompany Nick on his quest for an actual truth that seems to reside with untruth itself in the person of Shmulie Shimmer, the inventor of Lerbs. You will be glad you accompanied him on his quest."
—Susan Lang, author of Running Barefoot

"Nick Bones Underground by Phil M. Cohen is a riveting science fiction mystery that I could not put down. Drawing deeply on his wellsprings of Jewish knowledge and general philosophy, Cohen has told an inventive and wryly humorous tale that causes the reader to reflect deeply on what it means to be human. Cohen is a master storyteller who has crafted a book that is simultaneously great fun and thought-provoking. I recommend it highly!"
— David Ellenson, Jewish Meaning in a World of Choice

"Phil M. Cohen has delivered a crackling, genre-bending story that has both head and heart. With an angsty sometime college professor-turned private eye at its center, Cohen’s novel serves up an assortment of snappy characters that, for all their fast-talking bravado, are all just trying to get by in a ruined world. Smart, sharp, and adeptly hardboiled, Nick Bones Underground is a terrific tribute to its gimlet-eyed predecessors and a wonderfully lively read in its own right."
— Joan Leegant, Wherever You Go: a Novel

Nick Friedman, world-weary, aging professor of religion goes in search of his old high school buddy at the behest of the friend's father. This takes Nick and Maggie his sassy AI on a rollicking roller coaster ride through a dystopic NYC above and below ground. Funny and moving, as well as thought provoking, filled with twists and turns, Nick Bones Underground is a mystery with a Jewish heart.

Phil M. Cohen is a rabbi, an ethicist, a journalist, and, lately a novelist. He is the author of dozens of articles and short stories and of the e-Book Lucky Thirteen. He lives in Greensboro with his wife Betsy Gamburg and their two dogs, Motek and Maggy.

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