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Passion, Shadows, and Time by Darryl Dubose

OnceFrench Publishing, LLC
$12.99, paperback / $5.99, e-Book
ISBN: 978-1-7332970-0-4
August, 2019
Fiction: Romance
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“Whatever is has already been…”—Eccles. 3:15.

We’re mystified by time. It brings us and takes us. Everything is a matter of time. It brought Gail into life and gave her all she could want. But a shadow follows her, depriving her of passion and happiness.

While Gail tries to escape her shadow, her husband’s concerns grow about her lack of passion for him. Loneliness grips him, and he is confronted with temptation and drama.

Gail’s shadow leads her through a portal—into the last months of the Civil War in the Shenandoah, where she finds her purpose, love, and happiness, but she is burdened by so many issues.

How can such be possible, and how can it be possible to evade hurt and live “happily ever after?”

Darryl DuBose, an alumnus of American and George Washington Universities, is a retired criminal investigator. While specializing in investigating white-collar crime, he learned early that nothing is new in scams—every scheme and deception has been tried before and time again.

This axiom more than validates Eccles. 3:15, and it has stayed in his thoughts, hovering as he works at his hobby—composing and writing short stories. He considers the verse to be like manna for creating plots and scenes. Consequently, this novel came about. Another, Clouded Memories, also predicated on Eccles. 3:15, is in the making.

Mr. DuBose resides near a North Carolina beach. Contact with him can be made through

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