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Ava's Locket by Dr. J.E. Van Horn

$17.95, paperback / $3.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1091277793
March, 2019
Fiction: Romance
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Ava Valentine is afraid to open her heart due to the loss of her parents, but one selfless act from her past, along with assistance of the supernatural, could propel her to her fate, if she is willing to have faith.

The supernatural creates a bridge from Ava’s past to her present. This force, along with the antics of her matchmaking aunt, create a unique light-hearted romance, with a hint of magic. Ava receives a seventh birthday gift from her mother: a locket with an inscription on the back: "Love speaks through miracles." She meets a young boy to whom she gives the locket during a time of sorrow.

When her parents pass, she is raised by her aunt. As an adult she opens a café called “Once Upon a Chocolate” where she creates chocolates that gain a reputation for their supernatural abilities. She is attached to her parent’s memory through a fairy tale that her father had read to her as a little girl, and she finds herself relating to the princess from the tale who is under a spell and cannot laugh until her soulmate breaks it. Her aunt finds Ava the "perfect match," Trent, and tries to set her up without her knowledge.

After going through rejection of his own, Trent, being a physician, only has faith in medicine, not miracles. Can Ava open her heart and have faith in the magic behind the locket? Will her soulmate, with his own past coming back to stop him, discover the truth about the locket that will ‘break the spell’ and lead to a true happily ever after?

Jill Van Horn, D.O. was born in 1973 in Dillsburg, PA. She spent most of her adult life as a family physician until her childhood love of writing developed into an urgency to develop and create a story based on unfortunate real life experiences in her first book, Sheep Eaters (Westbow Press 2016), and then became a passion that expanded into fictional writing that depicts the spiritual world around us, concentrating on spiritual warfare between angels and demons and their interaction with humans.

She also continues to enjoy spending time with her sweet husband George, renovating an old Victorian home, and taking care of her cats and dogs.

Her latest project book, Ava's Locket, is now available. It is a light hearted romance novel with a hint of mystery and the supernatural.

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