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Wolf (An Allison Parker Mystery), Book Five by Adair Sanders

Kindle Direct Publishing
$12.00, paperback / $4.99, e-book / $17.46, audiobook
ASIN: 1724017403
September, 2018
Fiction: Mystery/Thriller
Available from

An assassin is dead but his body is missing.

Will death follow Wolf Johannsen from Rome to small town U.S.A.?

Spies, intrigue, death—no one ever retires from wet work.

Wolf Johannsen left the killing business years ago. Settled into the sleepy Southern town of Ft. Charles, Alabama, the Swedish national runs his international consulting business remotely, traveling to Europe only as business dictates. Life is good. In a serious relationship with Allison Parker, a beautiful widow and mother of two, Wolf allows himself to hope that a normal life can still be his. But, Wolf has forgotten one important thing, something he was warned about when he entered the covert life, and something he was reminded about when he left the Agency. No one ever really retires from wet work.

Trial lawyer turned mystery writer Adair Sanders is the author of the popular Allison Parker Mystery Series as well as a memoir, Biologically Bankrupt, and a collection of essays, Out of the Ashes. Sanders lives and writes in Brevard.

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