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The Fiery Salamander by Will Robinson

$12.50, paperback / $2.99, e-book
January, 2019
YA: Historical Fiction
Available from

A coming-of-age novel set on the border of North and South Carolina in the 1760s.

The last gasps of the French and Indian War wreaks havoc on a tight-knit group of families settled on the Carolina frontier. A lone boy, James Kirkpatrick, finds himself facing the wrath of a Shawnee war party looking for revenge against their Catawba enemy. That fateful day shapes the next four years of his life as he strives to survive in a land filled with fire, broken men, restless tribes and rebellion.

When not drowning in coffee and writing his 500th bestselling query letter, Will likes to play frisbee with his border collie, hike, fish, format books, design book covers, and ulcerate. He also enjoys trying to remember how to art and reads a lot of sci-fi, YA, Amazon author bios, literary fiction, historical fiction, anthropology, science, history, Ikea instructions, and cereal boxes.

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