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Abundant Faith: Secrets to Plenty by Gloria Sloan

WestBow Press
$11.95, paperback / $3.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1-973638339
October, 2018
Nonfiction: Memoir / Inspirational
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"Gloria Sloan's ABUNDANT Faith is a genuine inspiration. She exquisitely tells about her own faith-filled journey with divine gratitude. She structures her book with personal events, biblical references and insights that encourage the reader to reflect on their own journey through faith. A great book to read individually, with your spouse or as a book-club study guide designed in such a way to keep you energized with daily reflections and motivated with questions to explore."
—Carolyn Lepore, educator

"ABUNDANT Faith is a book that will make you trust God more deeply and bring rich enlightenment and understanding of the journeys-of fellow pilgrims."
—Kenneth H. Hill, pastor, author, and educator in the African Methodist Episcopal Church

"Abundant Faith presents an inspiring conversation, especially for those of us who have cared for a sick child, relative, or friend. The byproduct of such a commitment is our own faith development and spiritual formation."
—James M. Harrison, executive minister, American Baptist Churches of the South

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