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In Plain Sight by Sephira Allen

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$9.98, paperback / $3.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1983392504
August, 2018
Fiction: Historical / Romance
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"Set against the backdrop of Civil War Virginia, this absorbing novel has clear enough prose and charming enough characters to transcend its familiar plot devices. Rylee James is counting the days till peace returns and her beloved older brother Matthew can return home. When she learns that he has been taken prisoner by Union troops stationed nearby, she christens herself James Rylee and uses the medical know-how she learned from her father to talk her way into the Union camp. There she not only finds and helps her brother—she also falls in love with the sexy Yankee captain. The very real question of whether all the principals will make it through the war adds a bit of suspense to this engaging romance."
Publishers Weekly

"In Plain Sight has something for everybody—romance, adventure, daring, and a treatment of the American Civil War that brings history vibrantly alive. I was enthralled as I read, captivated by the characters every bit as much as the original storyline. 'Page turner' is an overused phrase, but I can guarantee that when you start to read this novel you won't want to stop until you reach the end."
—David Evans, author of The Mistress of Dimmiga Berg

What wouldn't you do for love?

No damsel in distress, twenty-year-old Rylee James hides in plain sight of the enemy, hoping to rescue her brother—a Confederate soldier captured by Union forces. Disguised as a man, she's counting on her skills as a doctor to see her through while she risks it all to save the only family she has left.

But even the best-laid plans can go awry when love is at stake, and all too soon she is faced with the reality that life's choices aren't always easy. Love of family, love of country, or love of a good man—agonizing decisions to be made when she finds that setting her brother free has left her a prisoner of the heart.

A historical romance set in the midst of the American Civil War, In Plain Sight intrigues right from the start, taking you on a wild and perilous ride through the war-torn Virginia countryside. An emotional journey of courage, daring and love, that keeps you enthralled right to the very end.

Born and raised primarily in Northern Virginia, Sephira and her family moved to North Carolina in 2006. Married for over twenty years, she and her husband have two boys and a gaggle of cats.

For Sephira, writing is a great stress reliever. She can let her mind wander and let her emotions run free in a way that is generally not possible in everyday life. Her writings run the gamut in terms of style and genre—for instance her debut novel is a historical romance set in the American Civil War, but some of her other projects in the works are fantasy or thrillers, among other things. You can find out more about Sephira and her books at

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